Heart Multi-functional on-line Proximity Access Control Reader


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Heart HA3020 EM Proximity Stand alone reader + HB0312 relay 

Quick-link Proximity Access Control System

HA5035 is the professional access control system with network configuration for up to 4,096 readers using RS485 or TCP/IP, and with storage capacity of 26,000 users or 26,000 transactions for each reader.

The specification of HA5035 proximity access reader

Model NUmber
Serial Port
RS232,RS485,TCP/IP (Optional)
Reader Type
Card Type
MIFARE ISO/IEC14443A(optional)
Transmitting Frequency
125KHz or 13.56 MHz(opional)
Reader Range
125KHz up to 7 cm,13.56MHz up to 5cm
(In noise-free environment)
16 characters, 2 lines, LCD with backlight
12 keys(0-9,*,#)
LCD Indicator
Memory Buffer
500-15,000 cardholders / 11,000-25,500
Case Material
ABS(ul94V0)fully waterproof
Working Voltage
DC + 10V to 15V
Power Consumption
280mA Max. @12VDC
Dimension(H x W x D)mm
148 x 95 x 34
Dimension(H x W x D)in
5.8 x 3.7 x 1.3
312g(11.0 oz)
Operating Temperature
0C ~ 50C (32F ~ 158F)
Operating Humidity
5% ~ 95% (relative humidity non-condensing)

Proximity type reader, read range upto 7cm
16,000 cardholders/10,000 transactions(adjustable)
Network configuration up to 4,096 devices
Anti pass back
Access mode available
Door left open alarm function
Force entry alarm
Temporary suspend all function
Password time zone restraint
Access mode selectable
1. reading proximity card
2. card data + personal password
3. key in card data
Communication interface:RS232, RS485 and TCI/IP available
Can be used as stand alone device without personal computer connected
Eight groups personal password time zone programmable
Password time zone programmable if card data with passwordaccess salected, for example: use card data in regular time, card data with password holiday
Two types alarm status available
1. Force entry
2. Door not close within a pre-definect time
Device model and version number can be displayed
Card number shown when access succeed
Up to 2 months battery back-up capacity for data storage during power failure
With power saver function, the back light of LED turn off once no there is operation within 3 minutes
The acting time of electric strike, alarm function anti-duress and door not closed alarm can be programmable from 1 to 255 seconds
The way to deactivate the alarm when door not close within a predefined time
Communication baud rate can be programmed via keypad
Four error message available(all records are stored in controlled software)
1. Invaild card
2. Restricted time
3. Time zone unmatched
4. Code unmatched