2-channel MPEG-4 D1 Network Video Encoder with RS232


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CSV1502T two-channel video encoder designed for IP network video monitoring and design of embedded audio and video equipment, using the MPEG-4 compression method, you can use Cat5e, fiber optic or wireless media 10/100Base-T network 25 frames per second (PAL) rate transfer high-definition images, CSV1502-TA video encoder can use ISDN, PSTN, xDSL router, or on a LAN, Wan or Internet easily achieve real-time video transmission. Have a high reliability, high integration of distinctive characteristics, is a city defense, transportation, finance, public security, education, defence, customs, electric power, telecommunications, corporate and other industries to implement ideal for video surveillance.

CSV1502T video encoder can be 2 channel real-time monitoring/transfer in 2CIF , D1 image standards under implemented two way time transfer.

CSV1502T video encoder combines professional CSVision video management system can be easily done on the front-end device management and control, including PTZ camera control, image selection, combination, lenses for any video project setting, linkage alarm preset, and so on.


The main Features

*  high performance PixelWorks BSP15-350-processing chips;

*  MPEG-4/H.264 hardware encoding standards;

* supports multiple transport protocols, and uses the proprietary monitoring dedicated SIP agreement;

* Adaptive filter technology, based on image quality selective filtering, reduce image noise improve picture quality;

* real-time stream transmission technology, picture delay down to 300ms;

*  dynamic frame rate and constant bit-rate technology and achieve stable code flow control

*  To weave, resolve high-definition picture quality anti-aliasing and tail phenomenon  dual stream technology, users can be on the same channel video signal source for custom applications

* support regional motion detection

* support OSD text, date, time, etc OSD

* offers 6 Group switch quantity input and 3 way switch output

* watchdog, has quickly recover, and prevent the abnormal death machine

* support bi-directional, encoding PCM and G.723 optional, stereo sound


Product features

* support 1 channel video signal, each can be real-time PAL (25f/s) and NTSC (30f/s), CIF resolution; ensure smooth image coherence;

* through digital networks, local/remote monitoring, without additional computer equipment;

* multiple users simultaneously online access is guaranteed to each image's smooth;

* support bitrate, VBR, limited bit rate, frame rate adjustable;

* support bi-directional talk, voice and image in sync;

* perfect video retrieval playback;

* support DEINTERLACING to interweave ▲ support regional mobile detection;

* support remote control on cloud and 64-level initialization position;

* support network remote configuration, upgrade, and provide secondary development support;

* support network storage;

* attack network anti-virus;

* compact, easy to install and move.


 Technical parameters of the project specification

 specification/model CSV1502T OS embedded operating system

video mode NTSC/PAL

video standard to ISO/IEC 14496-2 (MPEG-4 Video) Adanced Simlple Profile standard resolution/frame rate 2CIF/CIF25 frames/sec

bit-rate applicable to 3Mbps 20Kbps adjustable

frame rate NTSC system: 30 frames/sec PAL: 25 frames/sec, or user-customized

end-to-end delay < 300ms (encoding)

bandwidth from 30Kbps to 4Mbps adjustable

audio standard G.723/PCM

audio bit rate 5.3K/128K

audio mode Stereo, Mono

Serial-port 1: RS232/port 2: RS-485 2-wire

serial interface interface port 1: DB-9/port 2: pluggable interface serial

operation mode transparent serial port support any asynchronous serial Protocol (according to the demand to support other detailed control protocol)

General i/o alarm input 6 dry contact input

normal i/o alarm output 3 relay point output

General i/o interface pluggable interface

network interface standard Ethernet 10/100Base-T network adaptor RJ-45 Jack

network protocol sent: RTP/UDP/IP, IP, TCP/IP, or multicast IP network

security user password protection

power supply voltage/power Max 7.5 Watts (max 1.5A 5VDC)/5VDC 10%

shell size 210 mm x 121 mm x 31 mm

working temperature/relative humidity 0 C-50 C/20% ~ 90%

bandwidth management using the TCP/IP protocol for the effective management of software upgrades, remote network upgrade

 other: brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation can be adjusted

 Support VBR, I/p-q-value 10-level adjustable

 Supports CBR fixed bit rate, bit rate (20K-3M) adjustable

 Support I/P frames, AC/DC prediction, 4 motion vectors, unrestricted motion   vectors, half-pixel precision motion estimation and compensation

 Support the IP protocol unicast (Unicast), multicast (Multicast), radio (multiple Unicast) transmission mode

 Support for remote configuration and management, you can change the image format, encoding, image resolution, bandwidth, bitstream format and other parameters