LY485T Wireless Transmitter


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1. Shape and generous, suitable for embedded installation;
2. One transmitter can control the 256 receiver, in the absence of shelter conditions, transmission distance up to 50 km;
3. By DIP switch setting frequency flexible anytime, anywhere;
4. With ultra large scale integrated circuits, low power design, SMT production process;
5. Industrial product design, temperature range -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃.
6. The system immunity to interference, free from radio, television, mobile communications interference
7. Can remote control the camera switching, microwave transmitter switch, live light switch, zoom zoom, focus, aperture, electric head level, pitch, spare control key

General Specifications:
Frequency Range: 227MHz ~ 450MHz
Frequency stability: 2.5ppm
Channel spacing: 25KHz
Modulation: MSK, FSK
Data Interface: Audio, RS-232, 485, TTL (customer choice)
Interface rate: 2400/1200bps (customer choice)
Interface verification: Any / 8N1 (determined by the modem)
Channel Rate: 2400/1200bps
Total number of channels: 256, by changing the DIP switch, convenient and flexible
Power supply voltage: DC 12V
Power consumption: receiving <60mA, transmitting at full power when the <1.5A
Dimensions: L × W × H = 156 mm × 120 mm × 39 mm
Receiver Specifications:
Receiver sensitivity: ≤ 0.224μV (12dB SINAD)
Spurious and image frequency interference: ≥ 65dB
Adjacent channel selectivity: ≥ 65dB
Receive distortion: ≤ 3%
Emission targets:
Output power: 5W
Maximum Deviation: 5Kc
Adjacent channel rejection ratio: ≥ 65dB
Spurious emission ratio: ≥ 65dB
Launching start-up time: ≤ 70ms