RS232 to RS485 Converter Model: STM485S


  • Model: STM485S
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RS232 to RS485 Converter


1. Interface: Compatible with EIA /TIA RS-232C Standard and RS-485 Standard

2. Electronic interface: At the side of RS-232 is a DB9 female (Hole -type) connector . At the side of RS-485 is DB9 Male (Needle-Type) Connector, with connection board.

3.Working mode: Asynchronous, half-duplex, differential transmission.

4. Transmission media: Twisted pair or shielded twisted pair (STP)

5. Transmission rate: 300-115200bps

6. Mechanical dimension: 95mm x 33mm x 17mm

7. Transmission distance: 1200m (RS-485), 5m (RS-232)