AC 24V 10Amp 16Ch Individual Fuse Rackmount power Supply


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24V AC 10Amp 16 Fused Rackmount power Supply

Australia Full certificate

CE , RoHS, C-tick and MEPS .... Australian Compliant approved

19 " Rack Mount Power Supply Unit

Fully Regulated. Input: 200-240VAC

50Hz  Max. 10 Amp

Output: 24VAC

SIXTEEN PTC outputs @ Max. load 1.1 A


  * Individually protected PTC -type fused outputs.

 * Individual status LED indicator.

* Main power switch with surge protection

The power supply has the following protection functions:

  1. Output over-voltage protection: When a high voltage spike occurs the surge protection is activated so to protect the connected device.

  2. Over-current protection: When an over current occurs the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status,  when the condition is removed, then it will switch back to normal.

  3. Output short circuit protection : When a short circuit occurs the independent PTC fuse will open the circuit, when the condition is removed the PTC fuse will automatically go back to close

Back View:

Size: 482 x 270 x 72mm (W x D x H)