1.5m Gold 24+1 DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Cable


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1.5m Gold 24+1 DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Cable

DVI-D to HDMI Cable

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) uses a much smaller, user-friendly connector along with the DVI connector.
HDMI is fully backward-compatible with DVI hot plug for DTVs
HDMI DTVs will display video received from existing DVI-equipped products, and DVI-equipped TVs will display video from HDMI sources
Cable built with matching impedance, PVC jacket, molded ends and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector to achieve a complete end to end shielding
Eliminate unnecessary signal conversions
24 bit/pixel, 165 MHz max clock frequency
5 Gbps bandwidth, 55% spared for future expansion
Connectors: HDMI Male to DVI (24+1) Male
Color: Black and red mesh
Cord Length: 1.5 M

Even though HDMI cables support Hot Plug Detection, improper usage might result in resetting / restarting both devices, or even may cause damage to the devices. Therefore, we do not suggest Hot Plug action for any HDMI cables. Please make sure both input and output devices are off when plugging or unplugging HDMI cables.