MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Drawer Doors and Panel


  • Model: Door-Panel
  • Shipping Weight: 8kgs
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MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Drawer Doors and Panel

Prices may vary depending on the size  ( price does not include hinges, handle)

Inspection welcome. Please call 0414 822238

Door with 2 hinge hole size: 600*300*18 $18 each

Price as below:

Colour:White satin finish each
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7235W720*350*18$26
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7240W720*400*18$29
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7245W720*450*18$33
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7250W720*500*18$36
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7255W720*550*18$40
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7260W720*600*18$44
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-7232W720*320*18$24
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-6030W600*300*18$18
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-4235W420*350*18$16
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-13660W1360*600*18$82
Door with 2 hinge holeDoor-13640W1360*400*18$54
Front Panel(Oven Cabinet)OP-604W600*43*18$6
Front Panel(Oven Cabinet)OP-608W600*80*18$8
Drawer PanelDrawer-4518W450*180*18$11
Drawer PanelDrawer-6018W600*180*18$15
Drawer PanelDrawer-6027W600*270*18$20
Base Cabinet End PanelEnd-7258W720*580*18$43
Wall Cabinet End PanelEnd-7232W720*320*18$23
Pantry End PanelEnd-22260W2220*600*18$133