Vintage Wood Folk Art Sea Creature Tree Root Carving - Shark


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This is an Amazing Folk Art  Sea Creature (Sharp ) Tree Root Carving ! 

Natural Handcarved

High: 167cm . Wide: 120cm

This is one of our collections , we collected  it from China 20 years ago, The seller told me that it was made from Yew ( Taxus) tree root.
Taxus is a national level to protect endangered plants, now the country has banned selling of the yew,
The Manufactory Used plant materials are part of the yew tree roots, the trunk has already corrupt, roots buried for hundreds years. 
They dug up in trying not to damage the case, maintaining the original shape carved into a variety of lifelike animals and plants. This root preservation never rot.

Yew ( Taxus) root carvings, nature design, hand-made crafts, the wood are many years worthy to keep ! each style has only one .

After doing some research I found out that :

Taxus is a national level to protect plant, its medicinal value lies in its extract - secondary metabolic derivatives --- paclitaxel. 
Taxol is the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, ovarian cancer and one of the best drugs, while lung cancer, esophageal cancer has a significant effect on nephritis and inflammation significantly inhibited parvovirus,
 effectively prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.