Aleph Digital Active infrared Sensor 4 beams on radio 200M


  • Model: ABH-200L
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Four beam on radio ABH-200L

Made in Japan


◆ aleph on the radio pure digital good compatible with other security systems, such as: Aleph, HONEYWELL companies (original CK, stability Po) BOSCH Corporation, General Motors and other major international brands, as well as the market common burglar alarm host.
◆ pure digital DSP chip control circuit, through the launching and receiving DSP chip programming, high-power infrared receiver on the tube, low-power digital frequency processing technique to reduce false positives, eliminate the omission, the real fight against IR Intelligent Intrusion
◆ mode switching power supply, no DC step-down problem, power supply voltage between at DC13.8V-DC24V, to consolidate power
◆ sealed rain (fog), dust (worms) and other all-weather design of integrated structure so that it can work in harsh environment

◆ Anti-glare up 50,000 LUX, built-in automatic adjustment strong light filtering system, good performance against direct sunlight, totally against fluorescent, light or car lights interfere with
◆ When the encounter fog or inclement weather will automatically increase the detector sensitivity (AGC circuit)
◆ Adjustable beam interdiction period to more flexible and adaptable
◆ horizontal / vertical optical angle easy to adjust, built-in optical sight, LED signal indicator, easy calibration, debugging, greatly improve the construction efficiency
◆ Anti-lightning circuit design
◆ Design with rain cover
◆ C-type relay output
◆ brand authentic Aleph produced, quality assurance
Outdoor warning distance: 200m,

Indoor alert distance: 600m,
Beam: 4 Beam:
Detection Method: Detecting type 2 beam interrupter
Infrared LED light source
Induction speed :50-700msec
Alarm output: Alarm output bus
Power, voltage: DC12-24V
Current consumption: 25mAmax
Operating temperature range: -25 ℃ -55 ℃:
Tamper Output: IB contact output, DC26V/0.5Amax
Optical axis to adjust the angle (horizontal) 180 ( 90 ):
Optical axis to adjust the angle (vertical): 20 ( 10 )
Then exposed, frost responses: ultrasonic body
Additional functions of other beam directions, the address encoding settings, set the alarm response time
Material: aluminum, PC engineering plastics.