Hills Reliance VoiceNav Keypad Security Alarm Keypad


  • Model: KP-S1794A
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The Reliance Voice Navigation LED Keypad offers user-friendly management and control of all Reliance systems. An exclusive Personal Voice Guide (PVG) provides step-by-step instruction for all system functions, while Quick Keys enable rapid system arming and status updates. Plus, an extensive built-in word library allows users to create customized voice labels for zones, areas and outputs.

  • Modern Architectural Design – using the latest technologies to produce a slimline code pad less than 16mm slim to complement most homes and décors. Consumers will love the appearance!
  • Interactive Personal Voice Guide and VoiceCheck Status Key - so easy to use without a manual, consumers will connect to the product with minimal training and reduces support calls to you.
  • Customizable Voice Recording and Extensive Voice Library - you or the end-user can personalise zone, area, room and user names. No more mysterious codes and blinking lights!
  • Intercom Functionality for up to 8 rooms – essential communication features are built in to every new VoiceNav code pad and work on existing NXReliance systems.
  • Advanced Touch Interface - Touch Response Keys, Colour Coded Status, and Individually Lit SmartKeys combine together and work for the user.
  • Ease of Installation - fully backwards compatible with existing NX and Hills Reliance systems. Same wiring bus and NX programming menu makes it a breeze to install. Just add a 4-core cable in parallel to activate the intercom feature if desired.
  • This combination of installer and end-user friendly features makes the Hills Reliance VoiceNav the new standard security system code pad.



W 80 mm, H 120 mm , D 16 mm
100 grams
Operating voltage
12 VDC Regulated, typically supplied from control panel
Operating temperature
0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Independent Zones
Area Control
Touch Sense Interface
Intuative Voice Guide
Intercom fuctionallity
Customised recordings of
1 entry message, 1 exit message, 64 Zone names, 8 Area names, 40 User names, 8 Room names,16 Output names