QSee Wireless CCTV QSWCRC Security Camera


  • Model: QSWCRC
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Feel secure in your home or at your place of business with this CCTV color camera and receiver. The camera is equipped with infrared rays for accurate night vision, which is rendered in black and white. Receiver is wireless for easy installation, and includes remote control.

4-Channel 2.4G Wireless Receiver comes with Remote Control and Color Camera with Infrared Rays for B&W Night Vision. Monitor up to 4 different cameras. QSee QSWCRC is a 2.4G wireless color camera and receiver (with remote control) that can provide a variety of solutions for you. You can monitor your sleeping baby, or monitor kids at play, or keep an eye on your warehouse or store, - the applications are unlimited. It is like having portable pair of eyes that you can place anywhere and watch 24 hours without blinking!

Easy to use and takes just seconds to set up. The color camera comes with built-in IR LEDs and a stand that allow you to just place the camera anywhere even mount on a wall. The receiver has four channels to receive signals from 4 different cameras. The receiver also has remote control for easy operation. Connect the receiver to any TV/VCR etc. and view or record all the signals from the color camera.

4-Channel 2.4G Wireless Receiver
Monitor upto 4 different cameras
Receiver with Remote Control
Color Camera with Infrared Rays for B&W Night Vision
Portable, Flexible and Easy to Instal
Output Level: 1V p-p
Power Supply: 8V, 400mA
Weight: 0.65Kg
Color Camera with IR
Output Level: 1V p-p
Operating Frequency Bank: 2.414 to 2.468 GHz
Modulation: FM (Video and Audio)
Video Input Level: 1V p-p
Audio Input Level: 1V p-p
Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohms
Audio Input Impedance: 600 Ohms
Usable Illumination: 0.5 Lux
Power Supply: 8V, 400mA
Dimensions: 140 x 120 x 120mm